2 hours on my head

I spent this past weekend inverted, bent backwards and with my knees pressed tightly into my triceps. Now I could make a joke about trying out the Kama Sutra so I did.

I was fortunate enough to join a group of mega talented yogis for an amazing workshop in Canmore taught by Tiffany Cruikshank. Last week I posted that it may be possible that I’d break a sweat and boy-howdy did I ever (drenched in sweat would be the appropriate term).

We learned a lot over the weekend and I got to try out some very cool poses but the best part of it was observing how far my practice has come since I began 3 years ago and what a solid foundation I had. It really made me appreciate my teachers and my peers.

Yoga is typically about letting go of the ego or eggo. I can’t remember. In any case here’s a picture of a cool thing I we learned:

Disclaimer – Mine did not look even close to this

I managed to get both forearms off the ground and hands to face. This was with little grace and much grunting. Also click on the image above to learn more about our instructor and the workshops/training she runs.

As corny as it may sound – I really was inspired after my weekend in Canmore and I’m looking for more opportunities to help expand my practice and keep learning.

For now, though, I’m couch bound due to a cold that finally took hold.

Thanks for reading friends.

PS no one has submitted challenges and I must admit I’m mildly relieved ūüôā



Oh hai + challenge time

It’s my first Friday back and I can tell you in no way did I deserve fries this week. For instance instead of eating my chickpea salad and going for a walk yesterday I jumped in a Car2Go drove 8 blocks and ate a veggie burger and chili for lunch. It was delicious and I’m not sorry.

However, I am certain I will make that up this weekend while away at a Tiffany Cruikshank¬†workshop series hosted at the Yoga Lounge¬†in Canmore this weekend. While it promises to be very relaxing, the pace of the class should be enough that I drop a bead of sweat or two. I haven’t done a full weekend intense yoga workshop before – I’ll let you know how it goes.

The results are in from the survey about whether or not I should collect points with a whopping response rate of 2 people. One said no points. The other suggested I incorporate the word douchebagging into this post. Consider the latter accomplished.

In the interest of making 1 million internet dollars I do want to write about something that you peeps are interested in. So unless my hits drop off I’ll continue to write about my shenanigoats but there needs to be some sort of accountability and I would like it to be more than just dropping the lbs.

I¬†encourage¬†anyone reading this to send a challenge in and I’ll try to accomplish it each month while blogging about it. How’s that? It does have to be a fitness related challenge and not stuffing 300 candy corns in my mouth. It won’t have a challenge difficulty threshold however please keep in mind my geographical location. Climbing K2 (while still a goal of mine) isn’t really feasible. However, standing on my head for 3 minutes or learning how to box or break dance is.

Okay, hit me with your best shot. I am sure I will regret this.

I’m back … and an informal poll

Hello there,

It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog and it feels good to be back.Thanks to my friends who encouraged¬†me to start posting again and thanks to my sister for the super sweet logo. Mmmm garden of fries.

I took a look at why I went away in the first place and I believe that it was the over commitment of posting once a day that kind of turned me off. Therefore I’m going to commit to posting twice/week. Once on Tuesday and then again on Friday. I believe that should give you guys some idea on my progress. Perhaps if all goes well and I have something interesting to talk about I’ll increase the frequency.

A lot can change in a year (except for love handles). I moved from my old job to my new job, discovered a new career path in digital marketing, fought two bears, stopped watching True Blood and then picked it up again and did some major travelling. As far as my fitness goes I ran my first 10 km race, have continued with my advanced yoga practice and have overall been pretty active. In relation to my body comp… not much has changed to be honest. But that is better than the alternative of, umm say, looking like the stay puff marshmallow man. Good news/better news is my endurance is way better and that’s something I am very proud of.

And now to the informal poll part of the title. Should I continue to collect points or just blog about my fitness adventures? If I do collect points what’s you’re idea of how to attribute them? Would you like to eat fries with me?

Email me, FB, Twitter, Pintrest me your comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Good to be back peeps.


Breakfast Burrito

Good Morning Friendlings

I hope everyone enjoyed the (almost) 30 degree temperature yesterday. I sure took advantage of it in the only way one should enjoy it: drinking patio beers. Yesterday was a bit of a dip in the usual activity but I am fond of breaks and take them often and naps I love naps.

Yesterday was the most sore I have been from back bending since I started in May. Why you may ask (if you don’t care skip to the points section)? I started dropping back on my own. Similar to this photo below:


Typically our instructor has a pretty decent grip on you as you’re dropping back but this week, while he was still guiding, I had to make sure I made it to the floor without crushing my skull.

Anyway my quads and shoulders were killing me. So instead of going for a run I slept in and opted for a lunch time Moksha Ultimate Frisbee Game in (almost) 30 degree heat. I bet my colleagues love when I come back in covered in sweat. Shower you say? NEVER!


  • Walk from work – .5 (matched with my .5 pt from the one day I didn’t drink alcohol) 1PT
  • Lunch at work – 1PT
  • Ultimate frisbee at lunch – 1PT

Total: 3PTS


Mucho Gusto

I was really reaching for a title tonight if you can’t tell.

As it’s Tuesday I’m behind a few days in tracking. Here’s a quick recap:

Went to Edmonton, hung ¬†out with friends, ran a 1km marathon, drank a few beers and went sailing on my pa’s boat. Awesome. However despite the awesomeness and the serious energy exerted during the Sonic 1km Marathon and Beer Gardens – which btw I am so making a costume for next year, the girls costumes were weak sauce – I did not earn too many points. Actually I believed I earned 1 for Sunday as that was the only day I didn’t have a brew.

While the weekend was a bit of a wash this week has started off pretty well. Here’s the tally:


  • Walk to and from work (twice) – 2PTS
  • No treat from the break room – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1 PT
  • Dinner made at home – 1 PT
  • AM Run 30 Min – 2PTS
  • Beat running time – 2PTS
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
  • Circuit training – 1PT
Total: 11PTS


  • Walk to and from work – 1PT
  • No treat from break room – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • Yoga (regular) – 3PTS
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
Total: 8PTS

Well that kids is a whopping 19PTS going into Wednesday

There’s a a lot of newness that’s going to be taking place in the next couple of weeks and I’m a bit more stressed that usual. I am happy to report that exercise is helping/tiring me out so much that I can get some good sleep at night.

I am not funny today


I am feeling pretty under the weather this afternoon and I’m not entirely sure why. I am inclined to blame the halibut I had last night at a restaurants whose name I will not besmirch. Or it may be that I pushed a tad to hard this week. In any case I think I came short on my goal of 50 points. I would have still treated myself if I wasn’t feeling like a bag of butt holes because I am really proud of my efforts the past couple of days. Rest-assured that I will be treating myself to something at some point this weekend. Read: Crave has S’more Cupcakes as their cupcake of the month. Hells ya.


  • AM Run (30 min) – 2PTS
  • Walk to work – .5PT
  • No snack form the break room – 1PT
  • Hot Yoga – 5PTS
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
  • Worked out 5 times this week – 2PTS
Total : 11.5PTS
35.5PTS going into Friday morning. I probably wouldn’t have made up the difference by the end of the day but I am sick thus giving myself 14.5 pity points and a fry rain check to use later this weekend.
Happy weekend ‘er body


Frisbee Fail

I feel like this has been the longest week of my life. Please weekend, get here soon or at least provide me with some entertainment like a bear in a Shriners hat riding a unicycle. My imagination gets away from me from time-to-time, but that would still be rad.

Ideally I should be posting at the close of each day but as life/True Blood happens I can only do my best to keep up. Wednesdays are usually pretty lame for me since my boyfriend goes climbing and it’s my only night to watch junk TV (Teen Mom anyone?). So I tend to skip exercise in favour of couch lounging. Today I am proud to say was not (totally) like that. At lunch I played ultimate frisbee. I want to address Ultimate frisbee with one sentence: Dammit it’s hard work, especially with no subs. Oh and I also got smoked by a frisbee where my unibrow may be if I didn’t wax my eyebrows. Yes it was hilarious and you do not care if I’m okay.

When I returned from work I logged another half hour of circuit training with my Nike Training Club App and I am going to be sore tomorry.


  • Walk to and from work: 1PT
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • Ultimate Frisbee – 1PT
  • No Alcohol – 1PT
Total: 4PTS
Bringing my total going into Thursday to 24PTS. I’m going to have to bring it tomorrow and Friday morning!

Today my blog got 100 hits! I know I’ve said this before but ¬†thanks again to everyone that reads my inane ramblings. I hope I help your week go by a little quicker.

Fancy Footwork