Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues

Hi Everybody

The other day I tweeted: Again with the morning run. Beat my time #friesforlunch

As though my run in the morning was such a great accomplishment I deserved fries for lunch. I did not indulge that day due to the can of delicious veggie chili sitting on my desk but I still felt as though I had earned them. Who am I kidding? I could have gotten fries to dip IN the chili…stupid retrospect.

Anyway this got the dusty wheels in my brain turning. Most diets fail due to a lack of reward or occasional indulgence. For instance, if you take bread out of your diet for two weeks guess what you’re going to be craving at the end of those two weeks? Yes, an entire loaf of garlic bread. So I decided that in an effort to work on my fitness I would implement a weekly award for good work. Fries for lunch on Friday!

Every Sunday – Friday at noon I must collect 50 points in order to earn FRIES FOR LUNCH. Saturday is off the table as I am terrible at math and feel that 5.5 is an acceptable amount of time to “be good”

I was in a two hour meeting this morning so I have worked out the points system as follows:

  • AM run = 2-6pts depending on how long (2 for 30 min, 4 for 45min 6 for an hour)
  • PM run = 1-3pts depending on how long (2 for 30 min, 3 for 45min 4 for an hour)
  • Yoga, hot = 5pts
  • Yoga, regular = 3pts
  • Walking to/from work = 1pt round trip
  • Not eating a doughnut/square/cake in the break room = 1 pt
  • Bringing lunch to work = 1pt
  • No alcohol for the day = 1 pt
  • Making dinner at home = 1 pt
  • Beating my running time = 2 pt
  • Working out 5 times by Friday = 2 pt

Now this works out to having to earn 10 points a day with a half day to make up the difference. There are no negative points so if I say, eat a doughnut I am simply disqualified from earning that point.

What I aim to do from here on out is document and post points earned at the end of each day as well as jot down a few notes. Then at the end of each week post a photo of me enjoying my treat or eating carrot sticks.

Feel free to join me and post your points in the comments section! The points system can be tweaked to your activities/vices.




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