The Trial Run

Hey peeps!

I will be starting my official Fries for Lunch count this Sunday. In the meanwhile I will still enjoy delicious fries this Friday to, you know, see if I still like them and provide me with some motivation.

I’ve counted up the points that I have earned over the past few days to see if 50pts is a feasible feat. Here’s the count:


  • AM 30 min run – 2PTS
  • Beat my time – 2PTS
  • Below 1500 cal  for the day – 1PT
  • Lunch to work – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT
  • Dinner at home – 1 PT

Total: 7PTS


  • Lunch to work – 1PT
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • Yoga, Not heated – 3PTS
  • No Alcohol – 1PT
  • Notice the FAIL on keeping it under 1500 cals. My friend and I decided to have Mexican for dinner after yoga. Delicious and so worth it.

Total: 6 PTS


  • AM 30 min run – 2 PTS
  • Beat my running time – 2PTS
  • No alcohol – 1PT
  • Hot Yoga – 5 PTS
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • Below 1500 cal for the day – 1PT
  • No treat from the break room – 1PT
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
Total: 14 PTS

My third grade math all-star skills calculate my point total to be 27PTS. So by Friday at noon (a day and a half from now) I would have to generate 23PTS. Which is possible but unlikely. Next week I will have an extra day to cover the spread. This will be challenging as this weekend is the long weekend and I expect that on Sunday beer will be consumed and I will be laying in the sun like a cat.

I will move mountains to get me some fries!

Mmmmm Fryday


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