T-1 Day Until Fry Day

Hey Friends!

Tomorrow I will be testing fries to ensure that they are ready for game time next week. As it is still my trial run I will not be needing my full 50 points to unlock the door to fry heaven but despite the shortcoming I think I still earned them.

Today I had a business woman’s lunch at Earls to discuss business. I had resolved to “be good” and wait for my sweet reward on Friday. In “being good” I ordered the smoked salmon and tuna roll with a side green salad. Man did I ever get a big, fat fail on that one. there are 850 calories in that roll! Unbelievable. Makes me want to reconsider ordering anything aside form sashimi at sushi restaurants from hence forth.

Needless to say I totally blew over the 1500 calorie limit.

Here is today’s tally:

  • Walk to and from work – 1PT
  • No treat from the break room – 1PT
  • No alcohol- 1PT
  • Make dinner at home – 1PT
  • PM 30 min run- 1PT

Total: 5PTS.

Not my best showing and brings my total to 32PTS this week. Good thing this is my trial run 😛

Dreaming about fries …


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