And The Race [Was] On

Howdy Ho

Does anyone else feel a little deprived when their meals all day do not include cheese? I’m sure I’m not alone. If you are like me and need support give me a shout and we’ll start a cheese addicts group. The tagline will be “When you roll up Kraft Singles to make some sort of hot dog shaped thing that you can wrap bread around, join our FB group. If you add ketchup to it you’re on you’re own.”

You all may have noticed my negligence to post on Sunday and Monday but that was because if I was counting those days I would, in some mathematical wizardry, be in the red this week. This was mainly due to an over consumption of beer, vodka, wine, pizza, veggie burgers … you get my drift. Anyway as I’m down two days I now have 3.5 to earn my 50 points. Challenge accepted.

Here’s how I did today

  • Walk to and from work – 1PT
  • No treat from the break room – 1PT
  • Bring lunch to work- 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT
  • Dinner made at home – 1PT
  • Hot Yoga – 5PTS
  • Under 1500 cal for the day – 1PT

Total: 11PTS

Well I have my work cut out for me this week but I made these stupid rules thus must abide by them.


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