Chance of Fries 30%

Hi Everyone

This week I really thought I was going to be able to bust it out and collect my sweet, sweet fry points but due to a serious lack of sleep over the long weekend that is catching up to me and impending social obligations I’m really struggling.

Last night, after yoga, I stopped by the farmers marketing in Sunnyside. I don’t necessarily consider myself a hippie more of a yuppie hippie, a yippie! if you will. Yes, that exclamation mark is totally necessary. There was a lot of great stuff there but most notably the giant bag of kettle corn that I bought for 5 bucks. Between myself and my sister we managed the demo only 1/4 of it last night. Delightful.

Here is yesterdays tally:

  • Walk to and from work – 1PT
  • Bring lunch to work (mmm canned chili) – 1PT
  • No treats from the break room – 1PT
  • Played Ultimate Frisbee at lunch – 1PT
    • Yes, I realize I’m adding this in but when I felt winded and nauseous after 10 minutes I knew this had to be worth AT LEAST a point. Ultimate Frisbee takes place every lunch hour on Wednesday and after that great of a work out I’m definitely going again.
  • Hot Yoga – 5PTS
  • Dinner made at home – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT
  • Below 1500 cals – 1PT

Total: 12PTS

That brings me to 23PTS with today and half of Friday to make the difference. Go yippee!


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