Blah Blah Blah …

Good news! I went shopping today and when I went to pay the cashier gave me 40% everything. Okay, there’s more to this story, my sister works at Anthropologie and I have a friends and family discount card. The thing is my discount card is only good for 25% off merch and the lady at the till in a sheer act of blind benevolence granted me the 40% discount. Thanks clothes genie!

I was going somewhere with that. Oh yeah. Since last year I’ve gown down a dress size at Urban Outfitters. Or is Urban Outfitters fitting larger as their market expands? Actually I prefer not to know.

Uber-bagged today but I did my best:

  • AM Run 30 min – 2PTS
  • Brought lunch to work – 1PT
  • No snack from breakroom* – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
  • Walk to and from work** – 1PT
*There was a treat today but it was DQ kids day and I had to help the children
** I had to meet my sis at Chinook today after work but I can assure you we did plenty walking

Total: 7PTS

So going into Friday morning I have a measly 18PTS. If I make my morning run I will have worked out 5 times this week. That deserves a WOOT.


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