Like a Boss

But not really.

Yesterday wasn’t my best showing but I try not to dwell so here’s a high level overview of what went wrong: Pizza.

There, now you know. I do want to add one more note though; I did cut the pizza slice in half. Which I have never done, ever and that deserves a Bravo. Question: Did I use that semi colon correctly? Let me know.

Here’s the damage:

  • No snack from the break room – 1PT
  • Dinner made at home – 1PT
  • 30 min of circuit training – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT

Total: 4 PTS

Bringing my total for the week to, drum roll please, 11 PTS. Let’s just say I’ve done better and have high hopes for next week.

Have a great day!


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