Puentos Extras?

I did really good today, awesome in fact!

I also made a delicious salmon, honey goat cheese salad with quinoa and cleaned the entire condo. Yeah I CAN do it all (under certain circumstances, in a vacuum). Too bad, as per my own rules, it doesn’t count.

Or does it?

They ARE my rules. So I’m thinking I can bank points towards next week which will also encourage exercise and good behavior over the weekend. The most fair way I can think of doing this is keeping track over the weekend, halving them and adding them to the count for sweet sweet fryday.

Good Friday:

  • Walk to and from work – 1PT
  • No snack from the break room – 1PT
  • Hot Yoga – 5PTS
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • No Alcohol – 1PT
  • Work out 5 times this week – 2PTS
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
Total: 13PTS

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