5 Pieces of Pizza

Nom Nom Nom

Well despite the disparaging title this weekend was filled with activity, self-restraint and a little dehydration.

Saturday I decided I had too much blood and skin so I decided to go on a 12.5 km hike in the mountains. My guide book for the area rated this hike as “easy” and while the first 4 km were pretty flat the last two seriously climbed in elevation and I had to stop twice so my heart would slide back down my throat. However each rest wasn’t for more that a minute because I was being devoured by horse flies. You know the ones where you hit them and they DON’T DIE! Any way my boyfriend and I finished the 12.5 KM hike in 3.5 hours. We also ran out of water on the way down and had to drink from a stream, dummies. The summit of the hike was  a really pretty alpine meadow with lots of colourful wildflowers, definitely worth it. According to my MYPLATE on the LIVESTRONG website I burnt about 1266 calories… which I’m skeptical about but I’ll take it!

Sunday I got up at the crack of 8:30 AM and dragged myself to a Jeff Mah yoga class. Jeff is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had and I am not alone in this sentiment. His teaching style is physical, informative and most importantly fun. You are also going to be a little sore the next day. Except for me, I’m a rock star :P. Sunday we worked into flying pigeon:

Yup totally looks like me

Take this image and bring the leg down about 80% and my head teetering perilously towards the lino floor and that’s what I looked like, also add grunting.

Okay zee points. I’m going to amalgamate the two days out of sheer laziness and my lunch break is almost over.

The Weekend

  • Yoga Non-Heated – 3PTS
  • Lunch at home (x2) – 2PTS
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • No alcohol – 1PT (I had to drink once this weekend, I’m only human)
  • Hiking for 3.5 hours – 3PTS (This is a new addition and I think this point allocation it quite fair)
  • Below 1500 calories- 1PT

Total: 11PTS

5.5 of these points will count towards Fryday.


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