I am Better than Doritos

The person who left Sweet Chili Heat Doritos in the break room yesterday is now dead to me. I know you were trying to be selfless and share your tasty, tasty snack but think about the torment you are causing. I had to restrain one of my shaking hands with by grabbing the wrist with my other and pull myself away, like a junkie! But I did pull away and at the end of the day I can satisfy my cravings with that oh-so-satisfying one point for not eating from the break room. Worth it … not.

I am headed to a stagette next weekend with a bunch of current and ex Earls and Joeys girls. Yes I did walk amoung them once, proudly. However it seems as though the ladies that are attending are still smoking hot. Not saying that I’m not. However, I’m competitive, and after convincing myself I cannot subsist on lettuce and water for the next week (Rabbits do it!) I decided to amp up my game plan for the next few days. We’ll see what happens. Binge dieting/exercising usually does not have long term results. Read: as soon as I get to Kelowna Imma stuff my face with Doritos. But if I can have 5 minutes in my bathing suit without feeling like Quasi Modo I will be happy.

I realize this is running long but look at what I did in day two of mega hip openers in yoga:

Eight Angle Pose

Yeah I did

Take the legs down a touch and add grunting again. Boom, Eight Angle Pose.


  • Walk to and from work: 1PT
  • No treat from the break room: 1PT
  • Eat dinner at home: 1PT
  • Under 1500 cal: 1PT
  • Hot Yoga: 5PTS

Total: 9PTS

This brings me to 13 PTS for the week. Stay tuned!


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