Frisbee Fail

I feel like this has been the longest week of my life. Please weekend, get here soon or at least provide me with some entertainment like a bear in a Shriners hat riding a unicycle. My imagination gets away from me from time-to-time, but that would still be rad.

Ideally I should be posting at the close of each day but as life/True Blood happens I can only do my best to keep up. Wednesdays are usually pretty lame for me since my boyfriend goes climbing and it’s my only night to watch junk TV (Teen Mom anyone?). So I tend to skip exercise in favour of couch lounging. Today I am proud to say was not (totally) like that. At lunch I played ultimate frisbee. I want to address Ultimate frisbee with one sentence: Dammit it’s hard work, especially with no subs. Oh and I also got smoked by a frisbee where my unibrow may be if I didn’t wax my eyebrows. Yes it was hilarious and you do not care if I’m okay.

When I returned from work I logged another half hour of circuit training with my Nike Training Club App and I am going to be sore tomorry.


  • Walk to and from work: 1PT
  • Dinner at home – 1PT
  • Ultimate Frisbee – 1PT
  • No Alcohol – 1PT
Total: 4PTS
Bringing my total going into Thursday to 24PTS. I’m going to have to bring it tomorrow and Friday morning!

Today my blog got 100 hits! I know I’ve said this before but  thanks again to everyone that reads my inane ramblings. I hope I help your week go by a little quicker.

Fancy Footwork


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