On a Roll (mmm carbs)

This could be a quick one because my memory of yesterday has already lapsed as it was a whirlwind of crap. Must be PTSD.

Last night was another excellent back bending and hash out with my friend Laura. The advanced b-bending classes are something I cannot speak highly enough of. Even if you’re not built like Gumby it’s still a really great way to strengthen your back, core, quads, shoulders. I like to play “what’s sore today” with a few friends after one of Jeff’s classes and today its my traps. However the pain in my traps could come from my gravity defying shoulders as they inch towards to my ears with every, ummm, set back I deal with 🙂


  • Yoga (regular) – 3PTS
  • No snack from break room – 1PT
  • No alcohol (could have used it) – 1PT
  • Walk from work – .5PT
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT

Total: 6.5PTS

This brings me to 20PTS (13.5+6.5) at the almost half way point (again third grade math all star skills in full effect). Giving me Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday to get to 50 which is definitely feasible.

I wonder where I should order fries from?

Have a Gumb-tastic Day!


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