I am feeling pretty under the weather this afternoon and I’m not entirely sure why. I am inclined to blame the halibut I had last night at a restaurants whose name I will not besmirch. Or it may be that I pushed a tad to hard this week. In any case I think I came short on my goal of 50 points. I would have still treated myself if I wasn’t feeling like a bag of butt holes because I am really proud of my efforts the past couple of days. Rest-assured that I will be treating myself to something at some point this weekend. Read: Crave has S’more Cupcakes as their cupcake of the month. Hells ya.


  • AM Run (30 min) – 2PTS
  • Walk to work – .5PT
  • No snack form the break room – 1PT
  • Hot Yoga – 5PTS
  • Under 1500 cal – 1PT
  • Worked out 5 times this week – 2PTS
Total : 11.5PTS
35.5PTS going into Friday morning. I probably wouldn’t have made up the difference by the end of the day but I am sick thus giving myself 14.5 pity points and a fry rain check to use later this weekend.
Happy weekend ‘er body



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