Breakfast Burrito

Good Morning Friendlings

I hope everyone enjoyed the (almost) 30 degree temperature yesterday. I sure took advantage of it in the only way one should enjoy it: drinking patio beers. Yesterday was a bit of a dip in the usual activity but I am fond of breaks and take them often and naps I love naps.

Yesterday was the most sore I have been from back bending since I started in May. Why you may ask (if you don’t care skip to the points section)? I started dropping back on my own. Similar to this photo below:


Typically our instructor has a pretty decent grip on you as you’re dropping back but this week, while he was still guiding, I had to make sure I made it to the floor without crushing my skull.

Anyway my quads and shoulders were killing me. So instead of going for a run I slept in and opted for a lunch time Moksha Ultimate Frisbee Game in (almost) 30 degree heat. I bet my colleagues love when I come back in covered in sweat. Shower you say? NEVER!


  • Walk from work – .5 (matched with my .5 pt from the one day I didn’t drink alcohol) 1PT
  • Lunch at work – 1PT
  • Ultimate frisbee at lunch – 1PT

Total: 3PTS



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