I’m back … and an informal poll

Hello there,

It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog and it feels good to be back.Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to start posting again and thanks to my sister for the super sweet logo. Mmmm garden of fries.

I took a look at why I went away in the first place and I believe that it was the over commitment of posting once a day that kind of turned me off. Therefore I’m going to commit to posting twice/week. Once on Tuesday and then again on Friday. I believe that should give you guys some idea on my progress. Perhaps if all goes well and I have something interesting to talk about I’ll increase the frequency.

A lot can change in a year (except for love handles). I moved from my old job to my new job, discovered a new career path in digital marketing, fought two bears, stopped watching True Blood and then picked it up again and did some major travelling. As far as my fitness goes I ran my first 10 km race, have continued with my advanced yoga practice and have overall been pretty active. In relation to my body comp… not much has changed to be honest. But that is better than the alternative of, umm say, looking like the stay puff marshmallow man. Good news/better news is my endurance is way better and that’s something I am very proud of.

And now to the informal poll part of the title. Should I continue to collect points or just blog about my fitness adventures? If I do collect points what’s you’re idea of how to attribute them? Would you like to eat fries with me?

Email me, FB, Twitter, Pintrest me your comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Good to be back peeps.



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