2 hours on my head

I spent this past weekend inverted, bent backwards and with my knees pressed tightly into my triceps. Now I could make a joke about trying out the Kama Sutra so I did.

I was fortunate enough to join a group of mega talented yogis for an amazing workshop in Canmore taught by Tiffany Cruikshank. Last week I posted that it may be possible that I’d break a sweat and boy-howdy did I ever (drenched in sweat would be the appropriate term).

We learned a lot over the weekend and I got to try out some very cool poses but the best part of it was observing how far my practice has come since I began 3 years ago and what a solid foundation I had. It really made me appreciate my teachers and my peers.

Yoga is typically about letting go of the ego or eggo. I can’t remember. In any case here’s a picture of a cool thing I we learned:

Disclaimer – Mine did not look even close to this

I managed to get both forearms off the ground and hands to face. This was with little grace and much grunting. Also click on the image above to learn more about our instructor and the workshops/training she runs.

As corny as it may sound – I really was inspired after my weekend in Canmore and I’m looking for more opportunities to help expand my practice and keep learning.

For now, though, I’m couch bound due to a cold that finally took hold.

Thanks for reading friends.

PS no one has submitted challenges and I must admit I’m mildly relieved 🙂



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