Oh hai + challenge time

It’s my first Friday back and I can tell you in no way did I deserve fries this week. For instance instead of eating my chickpea salad and going for a walk yesterday I jumped in a Car2Go drove 8 blocks and ate a veggie burger and chili for lunch. It was delicious and I’m not sorry.

However, I am certain I will make that up this weekend while away at a Tiffany Cruikshank workshop series hosted at the Yoga Lounge in Canmore this weekend. While it promises to be very relaxing, the pace of the class should be enough that I drop a bead of sweat or two. I haven’t done a full weekend intense yoga workshop before – I’ll let you know how it goes.

The results are in from the survey about whether or not I should collect points with a whopping response rate of 2 people. One said no points. The other suggested I incorporate the word douchebagging into this post. Consider the latter accomplished.

In the interest of making 1 million internet dollars I do want to write about something that you peeps are interested in. So unless my hits drop off I’ll continue to write about my shenanigoats but there needs to be some sort of accountability and I would like it to be more than just dropping the lbs.

I encourage anyone reading this to send a challenge in and I’ll try to accomplish it each month while blogging about it. How’s that? It does have to be a fitness related challenge and not stuffing 300 candy corns in my mouth. It won’t have a challenge difficulty threshold however please keep in mind my geographical location. Climbing K2 (while still a goal of mine) isn’t really feasible. However, standing on my head for 3 minutes or learning how to box or break dance is.

Okay, hit me with your best shot. I am sure I will regret this.